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Why you should use this encrypted messaging app?


Our private communications are increasingly vulnerable to hacking, data leaks, and unauthorized surveillance. The encryption keys stay solely with the users, preventing anyone in between from accessing the messages. Privnote utilizes state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption to keep your communications secure. Not even Privnote’s servers can decrypt your messages. This prevents hackers, ISPs, or government agencies from being able to access your private chats.

Ephemeral messaging

In addition to encryption, Privnote provides ephemeral messaging. It means messages disappear permanently after being read by the recipient. The messages do not get stored permanently on Privnote’s servers. Ephemeral messaging is useful for sensitive conversations you don’t need a permanent record of. It also reduces long-term metadata risks from chat histories building up over time.

how to protect text in word? Many secure messaging apps require you to create an account. It introduces privacy risks of the app linking together your messaging activity and building up a profile on you. With Privnote, you don’t even need an account. You can instantly start encrypted messaging by going to the website and creating a note. No identifying information is required.

Nothing recorded on servers

Privnote’s servers retain as little data as possible. They do not log IPs, identifiers, usernames, or the content of the notes. The only metadata stored is used for managing expiration times. This “no knowledge” architecture helps prevent privacy erosion over time. There’s no long-term trove of user data that could be hacked or subpoenaed. Proprietary closed source code inherently requires trusting the developer. Open source code allows independent audits by security researchers. Privnote uses open-source JavaScript libraries for its encryption. Experts worldwide scrutinize Privnote’s code to verify its security.

Forward secrecy

Privnote utilizes forward secrecy for its encryption keys. It means each message uses a unique ephemeral key. Past communications cannot be decrypted even if a key gets compromised somehow in the future. Forward secrecy protects previous conversations even if encryption flaws emerge or your device gets hacked later on. New vulnerabilities or attacks arise continuously in the realm of encryption and security. Apps must get updated swiftly when issues emerge. The open-source project, Privnote quickly issues patches to address any discovered vulnerabilities. You don’t have to wait for slow app store review processes.

Destroyed automatically

Privnote notes get permanently deleted automatically after their expiration time, such as after being read once. Users cannot override this to retain copies of the messages. If you need to revoke access immediately, you manually trigger the deletion of a note using Privnote’s dashboard. It ensures no copies of the messages can spread outside your control.

Sharing passwords securely is a challenge. With Privnote, you don’t need to establish passwords with recipients. Just generate a link and send it through any channel. The recipient clicks the link to view the message. Once it expires, the note disappears forever. Managing or exposing passwords is not necessary. Some encrypted messaging apps only function on certain mobile platforms. Privnote works across all devices – iPhones, Android, tablets, and laptops. There are no apps to install or platform limitations.