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A Network Upgrade – When Is The Right Time?


Businesses must plan to update their network equipment. It’s time to replace your hardware if it is slow, performs poorly, or frequently breaks down.

Before buying expensive equipment, consider what the network needs to achieve. If you skip this step, you might need another upgrade in just a few years or even sooner.

This article discusses the key factors to consider when upgrading your network.


Some network problems are likely caused by outdated hardware or inadequate bandwidth. Even if your broadband provider’s internet is fast, older routers may have trouble delivering a high-speed connection. The router may also struggle with data-heavy applications like video, voice, and live chat.

Employees often get frustrated by slow computers or printer issues, leading to significant downtime and lost productivity. Any new hardware or software must resolve these issues.

Upgrade your network first!


A network firewall is essential for all businesses, whether or not they have experienced computer viruses or security breaches. Internet connections allow traffic to flow in both directions, inbound and outbound. A firewall protects this flow.

Make sure your network is protected from all security threats posed by inbound traffic.

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