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How To Use The Customer Journey To Create Conversion-Ready PPC Ads


Paid advertising is an excellent way to meet consumer needs quickly and efficiently, but creating an ad that encourages interaction requires an expert touch. Thankfully, white-label Google ads services give you industry-best tools and know-how to create impressive campaigns that result in more visits and increased conversions.

Watching your site visits increase while your sales remain the same can be tough. So what are you doing wrong? Why don’t consumers follow through after clicking on your ad? We’re here to tell you that it’s not something you are doing wrong but rather something you are missing that is affecting how well your Google ads campaigns perform.

Pay-per-click advertising gets you in front of your target audience effortlessly, but encouraging the click is up to the quality of your campaign. If your ad lacks relevance and allure, chances are consumers will scroll right on by without a second thought. That first impression means everything, so make it a good one!

There are three main stages that consumers go through in their buying journey, and your campaigns need to facilitate each stage to guide them towards making a purchase. So, continue reading to learn how you can use the customer journey to influence the success of your PPC campaigns, and remember to visit our website to learn more about our white label Google ads service offering and reseller programme.

Applying The Customer Journey To Ad Creation

When you create your PPC campaigns with the buyer’s journey in mind, you can facilitate meaningful touchpoints with your brand that encourage them to take action and trust that you can meet their needs.

This is how understanding the customer journey can influence the success of your campaigns:

  1. Gain valuable information. Understanding the customer journey reveals what a prospect expects from you at every stage, so you can ensure your ads meet their needs and foster them until the very end when they decide to make a purchase.
  2. Connect. Many consumers require multiple engagements with a business before making a commitment. So, when you provide multiple touchpoints throughout your Google ads, you give prospects the opportunity to familiarise themselves with your brand, get comfortable with you, and eventually settle in to become paying customers.
  3. Stronger campaigns. When you understand your target audience, you can effectively predict their behaviour and optimise your campaigns to immediately meet their needs. As a result, you’ll spend less time and money on campaigns that don’t render results.

The Three Stages Of Successful PPC Advertising

Every customer goes through a series of stages before deciding on a brand to purchase from, so it’s vital that your PPC campaigns include everything prospects need to convert to paying customers. This is where you can utilize the three fundamental stages of successful paid advertising.

Stage one: Awareness. This stage is when your future customers are not yet aware of you, so your campaign’s main objective is to create brand awareness and educate prospects on your products and services. This campaign is your investment to move the prospect onto the next stage.

Stage two: Interest. This is the stage where someone is interested in making a purchase. Your customers know what their problems are and are actively looking for a solution. Your ads should provide more specific information on how you can meet your customer’s needs. You want customers to understand your product and want to buy it.

Stage three: Decision. In this final stage, customers know who you are and what you have to offer and are ready to make an informed purchase. During this phase, your campaigns become more niche and should focus on targeted keywords.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Well, it is, but it’s not too much for us to handle! So, if you’re ready to apply the knowledge you’ve learned in this blog and start scaling your agency, then partner with us for professional and effective white label Google Ads services!

Your team, clients, and bottom line will thank you for it!