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Free Web builders: Is Web Design Dying?


Today, the advancement of web technologies has created a way for anyone with the drive to ‘create’ a website by editing themes or using drag-and-drop platforms. On the other hand, however, you can hire a Denver web designer that builds websites from scratch. The impact of modern drag-and-drop platforms on web development may not be fully understood, but there are arguments that they are killing web design. But is that true? The following reasons prove that instead of ‘killing off’ web design, drag-and-build platforms are helping web designers to maximize their skills.

  • Web builders help creativity: Designers can choose from thousands of preset designs to work on. There are also countless tools to create visible designs that can be viewed instantly. While coding a website from scratch is great, your designer can get more inspiration for modern, trendy designs to create a website that can compete in today’s internet spaces. A Denver web designer can build great websites from free web builders.
  • Drag-and-build platforms are increasing: The number of free web builders has steadily increased over the last decade. Today, there are dozens of them. That shows that the demand for web development is growing rather than decreasing. Around 10,000 new websites are published every hour. It only makes sense that since the demand for web designers surpasses the supply, people with low budgets or those seeking simple websites will turn to free web builders to create websites.
  • Access to high-quality images: Most free web builders give users access to high-quality images that can be used to create websites. In this way, designers can save costs on premium images. It works best for clients who would have a lower bill for their website.
  • Speed: With drag-and-drop platforms, designers can quickly create websites for clients within a short time. You might urgently require a website to quickly promote an offer or establish an online presence; your web designer can rise to the need with quick short work and have a great website ready in a couple of hours.

Web design is alive and remains relevant to the internet, businesses, and individuals alike. Perhaps you are considering hiring a Denver web designer for your website. It is essential to know your needs and communicate them clearly to your designer. As the internet grows and more projects are deployed online, the demand for web development is bound to increase.