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Follow up emails: why you need to be patient


How not to stop halfway to closing the deal and perform the task of attracting new customers as efficiently and effectively as possible. The thing is that after the first email contact, the following emails should be sent to the potential client on a mandatory basis. The guide on follow up emails from Reply experts tells in detail how to do it. But in addition to the technical side of the case, we should talk about how to perform the informational and emotional side.

Patience in communication, the attempt to establish contact, should not stop immediately after an ignored offer. And here’s why.

Not all at once: gaining experience and trust

Every customer who could potentially become someone who spends money and buys a product/service requires attention. It takes a lot of work to gain trust. The first meeting – in person or in absentia – only ends in 2% of cases with a deal. This dry statistic only says that it is likely that these 2% already know the properties of the product and have only agreed to the purchase because they are knowledgeable:

  • what the product or service is;
  • what the market value of the product is;
  • what the product’s properties are.

98% of potential customers are looking for emotional stability in the work and cooperation. That is, communication should set up to such a level of trust, when the client is ready to finance the purchase.

What needs to be overcome in follow-up emails

Experts have carefully researched the reasons why emails go unanswered and unresponsive and found that one of the most important reasons is inertia. That is, trying to keep things as they are and not taking the risk of purchasing a necessary product or service that is important and of value to a potential customer.

The seller and the author of the electronic mailing list will have to overcome a whole package of negative phenomena:

  • lack of time to figure it out;
  • a lack of confidence in the adequacy of value;
  • more pressing and more important costs or business.

The lack of time to understand the importance of the purchase can be compensated for precisely in subsequent letters by explaining the meaning, functions, and properties of the product.

The adequacy of the price is explained by comparing the cost of goods from the same niche. And if the product is unique – by comparing the prices of goods that have similar characteristics.

The urgency of the purchase can only be actualized by changing and shaping the value of the acquisition. And this is a matter of the author of the message and his text, photos, design. The skill here is to draw attention and immediately encourage purchase. The right way to do this is to create text and design that will show the benefit to be gained from the order. And this will prompt the buyer to make the right choice and order the product or service without delaying the decision for later.