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Benefit From A Large Number Of Upcoming Mobile Related Events Which Are Available On The Website


Mobile devices, like smartphones and others, are used to send text messages, MMS, trade alerts and advertisements to people all over the world. If event organizers like Kotlin conferences can reach at least half of their mobile subscribers through online advertising and promotions, then it will surely create a positive impact on their event attendance and ticket sales.

Apart from various offline and online marketing trends, mobile apps can also be used to educate a global audience about your software and solutions. Modern online event management software iOS conferences and events comes with integrated applications, which can benefit new event attendees and potential customers in a number of ways.

To know all about the huge number of upcoming mobile related conferences and events, you can visit the eventyco.com website. Because there will be very complete information, Find out the benefits here!

Easy Search and View News/Event Schedule

As an event organizing company, you can take the help of the built-in mobile app, for which complete information is available at eventyco.com. This will allow event attendees to easily view and search for event news and information directly on their mobile phones. Registrants can also freely access your event calendar to view various program and time details.

Instant Event Registration

You do not need to access your personal computer to enter the event organizer’s web page to register. Just use your mobile device to open the calendar of events and complete your registration in it.

Participate in Instant Polls and Surveys

Event organizers have found a new way to gather feedback from their event attendees. They send polls or survey sheets directly to their event attendees’ phones so they can fill them out and return them as they see fit.

Post Information Regarding Your Event on social media

You can use your mobile phone to publish information related to any event on social networking websites. Apart from that, your event attendees can also share news and photos of your event on social media with their own group of friends.

View Profile of Other Participants/Members

Event attendees can browse and contact other people’s profiles before, during, and after a conference or meeting.

Send and Receive Messages Easily

You can send messages to your subscribers as well as receive the same from your event organizers and fellow members easily and conveniently by using a mobile device.

Receive Newsletters and Announcements from Your Organizer

Companies can quickly send news, updates, newsletters and announcements of their upcoming events and festivals to their attendees’ mobile devices (Smartphones or other mobile handsets) and update them pretty much the same. This helps spread the word about the program and maximize attendance.

Other Things You Should Know

Because Eventyco offers its services worldwide, your information that is processed when you use the Service in the EU may be used, stored and accessed by individuals operating outside the European Economic Area.When providing information about you to entities outside the European Economic Area, Eventyco will take appropriate measures to ensure that recipients adequately protect your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy as required by applicable law.